Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois dog is an excellent dog that is admired by many persons. This dog has a square shape.

In Belgium, Germany and other European countries, these dogs are bred as working dog for personal protection, detection etc.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois and Mechelaar and Malinois are the other names of this dog. This breed is a muscular dog that is solid but still not bulky and is highly agile in nature.

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The dogs have Belgium as origin.


These dogs have dark brownish yellow coat and the hair materials are close the skin. The ears are black and the cheeks and head regions are well formed. These dogs have the base color of grey to fawn to mahogany. The black mask and ears are the characteristic features with these breeds in addition to the black colored tipping of the hair materials especially under the throat region and ear tips.

Body weight

These dogs have the body weight ranging from twenty four to twenty nine kg. Males are generally heavier than the female dogs in these breeds.


The height of these dogs is about twenty four to twenty six inches in case of males. Similarly, in case of females, the height is about twenty two to twenty four inches.
The animal is quite nice to look at it.


These dogs fit even to the apartment system. However, it does well in the outdoors. The playing or exercising activities should be kept to an optimum level.

The dogs are nice to be with the owner and this is true with the trained dogs in particular.


The dogs are to be trained from younger age onwards. The training is to be started from the early morning.

After the dog is fed with stomach full feeds, the training activities are to be avoided in general.

The trained dogs have good behavioral features. The good mannered dogs are highly liked by many persons including the aged persons and the children of the house.

How To Care This Breed?

The dogs are to be taken care of in terms of nutrition. If the dogs are given more feed materials with increased quantities, then obesity may occur in these breeds.


The problems with hook worms, round worms, tape worms etc. have to be tackled effectively by periodically sending the samples to the concerned laboratory.


The veterinarian has to be consulted for this purpose. The dogs have to be groomed in a gentle manner with a soft brush. The mild soap may be used.


However, after the application of mild soap, the dog has to be thoroughly washed well by clean water. If not, the residues of the soap existing on the body regions may cause allergic responses or irritations in the concerned animals.

The external parasites like tick or mites have to be examined especially if there is any itching like activity. If the condition is not much amenable to the routine anti parasitic therapy, the dog may be suspected for the presence of fungal infections.


Pregnant animals have to be given extra care in terms of nutrition. In general the dog has to be given more vitamins and minerals in addition to the provision of balanced nutrition.

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