Belgian Tervuren

Belgian Tervuren is one of the attractive dogs reared by many persons through out this globe. These dogs are medium sized and square dogs.


The shoulders are flat against the body and the hind limbs are finely located without giving the dog a bulky appearance.


These dogs have the height ranging from twenty four to twenty six inches. The bitches have the height ranging from twenty two to twenty four inches.


These dogs are having a body weight of about sixty to sixty five pounds.

These dogs belong to the herding group

Belgian malinois

Reason for name


These dogs have the name because of the Belgian village named Tervuren.




These dogs are recognized by thick double coat and generally have mahogany with varying shades of black.


There may be a white patch on the chest. The straight long and closely fitting coat helps the dog to adapt well in the presence of extremes of climate.


Yeah. These dogs are highly brave and are well adaptable in adverse weather conditions.




These dogs are prone for progressive retinal dystrophy, hip dysplasia etc. The dogs are having a good temperament, in general.




The training has to be given from the puppy hood onwards.


Then only the dogs are able to pick up the verbal commands in a fast manner when the training is given at young age itself.

Well experienced trainer is good to engage.


Yeah. During the training schedules, rewards are given in the form of biscuits, eggs etc. Socialization related training helps the dog to move with other dogs or cats including children of the house in a nice manner.

How To Care This Breed?

Adequate care is to be taken to keep these dogs fit and healthy. Got it? You need to consult a veterinarian for the provision of proper care to these dogs.


Vaccinations have to be given at right age. The diseases like rabies and canine distemper including leptospirosis have to be prevented by due vaccinations.


The animal has to be fed with right kinds of food materials and in the right quantities.

Hence, the development of obesity can be avoided.


The dog breeders are generally more cautious in this regard. The dogs are to be dewormed periodically with broad spectrum anthelmintics like pyrantel pamoate or albendazole.


The grooming activities are to be strengthened in this breed. The gentle and soft brush has to be applied to groom these breeds.


The external parasites like ticks or lice infestation have to be checked frequently.

The dog is to be examined for these parasites in between the digits and below the tail region, in addition to the ear canals.


The otitis is one of the common problem that is to be anticipated if bathing is done in an improper manner.


The stool samples are to be investigated for the presence of any helminthes like tape worms, round worms , hook worms etc.


The cestodiasis is to be taken care of in the right time. These animals are generally prone to eye problem or ear infection. Some times, hip dysplasia may be seen with these breeds.


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