Border Collie



Border Collie is the dog that has good temperament once it is given a good training. American Kennel Club has prescribed breed characteristics for this breed like any other breed of dog.

Working Border Collie handlers often have the opinion that these dogs are to be identified by attitude and behavior rather than by their appearance.


These dogs have uncanny ability to reason and have an extraordinary ability to gather the livestock even in the rugged terrain.


Considering the herding ability of this dog, the dogs of this breed with superior quality and with no genetic defects are chosen for better breeding methods in many countries.


These dogs belong to the border country regions located between Scotland and England.


Weight and Height

These dogs have a body weight ranging from thirty to fifty pounds. The males have 18 to 21 inches and the females have 19 to 22 inches.



These dogs may have any color which may be bicolor or tricolor or merle or sable. The whiskers are generally untrimmed.

These dogs belong to the herding dog group.



These dogs are basically used to handle the grazing livestock. However, the dogs are used as sporting dog and also as pet dog.


The dog is having an appreciable amount of energy and hence, may go neurotic if no exercise or less exercise is given to these dogs.


Yeah. You have to keep this kind of dog engaged many times, for a good maintenance of this breed. However, these dogs are known to protect the family member if assigned the job after the sufficient training procedures.


Many appreciate the nature of this dog with regard to this behavior.




The dogs need training methods to be given preferably from the young age onwards. Yeah. The dogs that are trained from the puppy hood stage behave well with the owners. The dogs are naturally having more inquisitive nature.

If proper training is not given in a systematic manner, then these dogs may become more destructive in nature and the control of the dogs become more difficult then.

Well experienced trainer may be a preferred person to offer the suitable training to these dogs. Got it?

It is no wonder that the well trained Border Collie may be liked by many breeders and owners especially the children of the house. Rewards are generally given as soon as the dog obeys the command.

The obedience related behavioral features may be enhanced by such training procedures. Offering too much punishment may be avoided during the provision of such training procedures.

How To Care This Breed?

The veterinary care needs to be given whenever it is required. Yeah. If injury occurs, it is to be taken care of immediately in order to avoid the possible microbial infections. Vaccinations are to be given regularly against the rabies viral infection in addition to the canine distemper and parvo viral infections.

You have to be cautious in protecting the dog against the occurrence of leptospirosis also which may affect these dogs causing jaundice like symptoms.

You have to consult a veterinarian who has specialized canine medicine and get information that may be of much useful for a better maintenance of this breed of dog.


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