Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro is a gentle dog with an elegant appearance. These dogs have other names like Brazilian Mastiff, Brazilian Molosser and Cao de Fila.


These dogs have powerful appearance, highly agile and are gentle to look at it. Skin is thick and loose especially at the neck region giving a folded appearance of dewlap in that area. In some dogs, this may get extended to the chest and abdomen.




These dogs belong to the Mastiff group




The body weight of these dogs range from forty kg in case of female dogs of this breed. But, the males have the body weight of about fifty kg.




The height of the male dogs ranges from sixty five to seventy five cm. However, the female dogs generally achieve the height of about sixty-seventy cm. The females are comparatively smaller in size




Reddish tan, solid yellow and brindle colors are permitted for these dogs. White marking on any part of the body is generally not permitted. The face may have a black colored mask.


Life span


The dogs of this breed has life span of about nine to eleven years. However, if proper care is taken in terms of exercise and nutrition, the longevity may get increased.




The training has to be given in a systematic manner, from the puppy hood stage onwards. The rewards are better relished by these breeds of dogs and these help to reinforce the learnt behavioral features.


The patting provided to these dogs help as an encouragement measure during the vigorous training methods.


The training schedules are to be minimized when the dogs are not in healthy status The animal has to be attended first if there is any injury on the body. Then only the training related procedures are to be applied for these dogs.

How To Care This Breed?

The animals are to be dewormed regularly at least once in four months. However the stool samples are to be obtained from these dogs and are to be examined periodically.


The puppies are more prone to roundworm problem like any other breeds.


If the stool samples have very bad smell, check for evidences of internal parasites like tapeworms, round worms, hook worms etc.


The deworming drugs are to be given subsequent to the consultation with a veterinarian.


The animals have to be examined for the presence of any parasites like lice or mites or ticks.


The affection with external parasites makes the animals to have the continuous itching or pruritus.


The animals that reveal continuous itching despite the administration of medicaments over the skin have to be suspected for the presence of fungal infections.


The animals have to be vaccinated against some significant infectious diseases. Vaccines for rabies, leptospirosis, parvo viral infections, corona viral infections may be given systematically.


These dogs are highly prone for large breed based problems. Yeah. The dogs are prone for the occurrence of hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, gastric torsion etc.


Bloat is a commonly encountered clinical problem in these dogs. Hence, try to have three to four times feeding instead of one time food with large quantities.

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