Flat-Coated Retriever

Flat-Coated Retriever

Flat-Coated Retriever is liked by many dog breeders simply for it’s attractive appearance in addition to it’s gentleness in moving with the other dogs and cats.


It belongs to the Gun dog breed


The single coat is dense and the hair materials are long and soft but may have mild waves. The color of the coat is either deep rich brown or solid black.


The male dogs have the height of about twenty-three to twenty four inches. The female dogs of this breed have the height of about twenty-two to twenty three inches.


The males have the body weight of about twenty-seven to thirty six kg. The bitches of this breed may have the body weight ranging from twenty five to thirty two kg.


The dog is highly agile in nature and also inquisitive particularly in new surroundings. These dogs are friendly and outgoing in nature. It is not so active in side the house but loves playing outside.


The training methods for these dogs are often held by means of provision of suitable retreats after the completion of the given command.

Yeah... These dogs want the rewards in form of the highly palatable biscuits or eggs etc. often. The development of the preferred behavioral features by means of such reinforcements in a positive manner helps a lot to the concerned trainer.

However, a well-experienced trainer is good for these dogs.
In nutshell, it can be said that the well-trained dogs of this breed may have an appreciable behavioral aspects and such dogs obey the owners well also.

When such a huge dog with an excellent look has good nature, even the children may like these dogs too much.

The training for these dogs need not be given seriously when the dog is ill or when the dog is affected by severe dehydration due to multiple etiological factors.

How To Care This Breed?

The dog has to be taken care of specifically for the skin and coat. Grooming is to be done frequently with a gentle comb and a soft brush.

The loosely attached hair materials are to be removed and disposed in a safe place to prevent any allergic responses among owners due to the fallen hair materials.

The mild soaps are available in the pet shops and these may be used taking care to avoid the entry of soap mixed water into the ear canals.

If the bathing is done in a careless manner, then the dogs may suffer from an ear problem called as otitis and further microbial infections may complicate this clinical condition.

External parasites like ticks or lice have to be checked. Similarly these dogs are to be examined for mites if there is itching.

If the skin condition revealing pruritus is not corrected by routing therapy, then one should consider about the possibility of fungal infection in this dog. Go for a veterinarian who can help to diagnose and treat such conditions.

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