Basenji was originally found in Congo. This is often called as a bark less dog but it does not mean that it cannot bark. It also makes barking sound but is rarely exercised and the whining is a characteristic one.


Basenji is reared mainly for the flushing of small sized game into hunters’ nest. This dog often hunts by sight and smell. Yeah... This is more famous in this regard.


Breed group


This is a breed, which belongs to the hunting dog group. Yeah... To this extent, this is famous in hunting.




This dog is having a short coat and is nice to look at it. You can admire the appearance of this dog since it always looks alert. They are super show dogs due to their majestic appearance of this dog.


Color and Description


The dog is red, tan or black color but the tail and feet have white color in addition to the chest area. The dog is comparatively a slender one with curious look and compact body.
The tail is always curled up over one hip.



Bitches may have the body weight ranging from nine to eleven kg. But, male dog may have a body weight of about ten to twelve kg.

How To Care This Breed?

These dogs are to be watched constantly for the development of signs of renal diseases. Yeah. It is highly prone for such problems.

Further, you need to be more careful to watch problems of retinal diseases especially retinal atrophy and this may be even a progressive one.

Fanconi syndrome is very common in these dogs and is often inherited one. The affected dogs may have difficulty in urination and chronic renal failure may result often. Intestinal problems may occur.

This dog like others needs periodical examination of stool samples to rule out the worm burden.

Vaccinations have to be given by approaching a specialized person in the field of veterinary medicine.



This dog needs complete training in order to make it more fit for the pet animal. Long walk is highly required for this breed of dog. Yeah. If not, this dog may become more obese and becomes more criticized by many dog lovers.




The dog is having more agility and is having more inquisitive in nature. Intelligence is the best character but is always watchful in nature.


This dog has a better smelling capacity and ordinary fencing cannot control this dog. Often this dog may escape even when a small gap is noticed.


Basenji does not like wet flooring and very cool weather. But, this dog is difficult to train many times. Usually four to six pups will be born in each litter.


They are also used as watch dogs and are lovable ones. This dog has almost a feline cleaning habits and this is highly appreciable by many persons throughout the globe.


Breeding is somewhat difficult in United Kingdom when attempts are made especially in earlier years.


Unlike most of the dogs, the females of this breed often have only one cycle in a year.

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