English setter is a working gundog which is very beautiful and will have long and lean body.  The head will be oval in shape if viewed from front. The muzzle will be long and square. The colour of the nose will be either brown or block and will have wide nostrils. The eyes are dark brown and are round and large.  The ears will be hanging down and are set back and low. The chest of the dog will be deep but will not be too wide or round.  The tail will be thicker at the base and tapers downwards. The feather will be silky.  The coat of the dog will be flat, wavy and silky. The colour of the coat may be white with blue, orange, lemon or brown markings. 




English setter is a very gentle and calm dog. These dogs are very friendly with the children. These dogs are easy going and show their love and affection with ease. These dogs will be vivacious out side and are very much inactive in side the house. If the owners are meek, these dogs will be wilful at times. The training should start at very early age in order to prevent the development of bad habits. These dogs should never be treated harshly. These dogs require calm but firm and authoritative and consistent owners. English setter is very sensitive to the tone of the person. If the tone is stronger than their owner, these dogs will not obey them.

These dogs enjoy playing with the other dogs. These dogs love to roam around the house and are good jumpers. They love to dig also. There are two different lines. They are field lines and show lines.  Field lines are bred mostly for hunting purpose. These lines can be used for field trial work and these dogs are smaller and lighter in general. The bench lines are suited for conformation shows. Both the lines are highly energetic and hence require daily exercise. The field lines require more exercise as they are more energetic than the bench lines.


The height of the male dog will vary from 24 to 27 inches and the bitches height will vary anywhere between 23 to 26 inches. The weight of the male dog will be between 55-80 pounds and that of the bitches will be between 45 to 70 pounds.  The life expectancy of the English setter will be 10-12 years.



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