1. Dog back in Calif. after 1,400-mile trek


Kobe, the Terrier is able to reunite with his family after a 1,400-mile trip. A microchip implanted in his neck contained his owner's informatio helped the pooch to reach the owner home after a month.MORE INFO


2. Washington woman sentenced for shooting neighbor's puppy


A 6-month-old golden retriever named Bandit was shot dead by a woman. Yhe six month old dog wandered onto her property and knocked over a bird house. So she sot the puppy. She was sentenced to imprisonment. MORE INFO...


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1. Man crushed to death by pet python


A 14-foot pet python crushed its owner to death, authorities said Tuesday after finding the snake loose in a southern Indiana shed with the man’s body. More Info...

2. Cat rescued from stadium implosion honored


Philadelphia tabby named best household pet by Cat Fanciers Association. More Info...

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