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The Raw Dog Food Diet - Some Things You Should Know Before Trying This ...

The pet dog can eat many things that a human being eats. Raw diet is better. Raw diet is nothing but the food that was not cooked and the one that doesn't have any fillers or added ingredients. The raw diet usually consists of raw egg, raw meet, bones and few vegetables. It is needless to mention that raw dog food is much better than commercial dog foods. You may wonder why it is so. The raw dog food contains ingredients that are natural, organic and fresh. The dog's health will be at its prime if fed with raw food.


Raw dog food will make the dull coat to look shiny and healthy. Raw dog food will help to prevent the bad breath. The digestion of the food will be better and the stamina of the dog will also be good. Raw food increases the muscle mass and does a lot to reduce the unwanted fat from the body. Hence the dog will look much better in shape.


In addition to this the raw dog food will boost the metabolic rate, general health condition thereby increasing the life span of the dog. The other advantage of the raw food is that it is much cheaper than the cooked or commercial food. As the raw food is healthy and also cheap, why should one hesitate to go for the same?


What type raw food is good for dog? Chicken is definitely better as the fat content of the same is much less compared to the other red meats such as beef and mutton. While giving chicken, one should be careful in avoiding the bone portion. Because the bones are very brittle and the splinters can cause damage to the internal organs of the dog. You can consider giving raw quail and turkey too.


Beefs can be included, but in small quantity. The bones can be mixed with beef. The dogs have the ability to digest the bones of the buffaloes. The puppies can also be fed with raw food. But you need to be extra careful, while doing so, because the puppies can't chew as good as adult dogs. Add as much as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, your dog will be healthy and active.




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